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10 Apr 2015
Alasdair Taylor

EDIT: the first version of the software is now available (including lots of free documents) here:

I’ve been working for the past 2 years on a web-based software system to store contract text and legal drafting knowledge in a modular fashion, and to make the production of legal templates and documents based on that text and knowledge as efficient as possible. The system automates everything that can be automated in the document production process.

My own use of the system indicates that it cuts in half the time taken to produce first draft documents, as compared with production based on high-quality traditional precedents. It also eliminates most errors from those documents and (by encouraging continuous improvement) tends to lead to higher quality drafting.

A handful of small law firms have agreed to test the system, but later this year (2015) I’ll be looking for few other testers, whether in small law firms or in-house legal/contract departments. The software works best for a small team regularly producing the same type of document – for example, software licences, employment contracts or sale and purchase agreements – where there is at least a moderate amount of variation between those documents. It works fine where variation is more limited, but there are plenty of existing software solutions that can serve there.

If you would like to get involved in testing the software, please get in touch.

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