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Cookies, consents and browser settings

11 Jun 2012
Posted in Data Protection Law, Internet Law

The UK ICO’s last-minute revisions to its official guidance on the cookie laws focused on the possibility of “implied consent” for the use of cookies.   This softening of the ICO’s position was sensible, notwithstanding that the whole cookie law saga brings EU tech law into disrepute.   There was, however, another option open to the ICO.  […]

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Google, paid links and English prisons

28 May 2012
Posted in Internet Law, Marketing Law

Google’s prohibits paid links that pass PageRank:  “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.” Google acknowledges that advertising links are a hugely important part of the online economy, but recommends that such links be structured in such a […]

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6 ways to manage social media legal risks

21 May 2012
Posted in Internet Law

The legal risks associated with running a social networking service are not just of academic interest. Examples of lawsuits abound: The UK’s own Friends Reunited found itself on the wrong end of a defamation claim a full decade ago. More recently, during 2011, MySpace was accused of supplying personal information without the consent of users. […]

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Selling online and the law – part 4 – information disclosure

18 May 2012
Posted in Internet Law

An important part of legal compliance for online sellers is the provision of certain information to users and customers.  This post seeks to list all of the main categories of information that need to be disclosed on the seller’s website. There’s no way to disguise the nature of this post: it’s a list.  A long […]

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How to write a delivery policy

14 May 2012
Posted in Commercial Law, Internet Law

From the perspective of the customer, the delivery policy may be the most important legal document on a website.  It should answer questions that are of keen interest to all customers: by what means will my goods be delivered?  When will they be delivered?  Do I have to sign for delivery?  Will I have to […]

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Sellling online and the law – part 3 – product descriptions

Product descriptions and photographs are among the more important aspects of a typical online sales strategy.  Descriptions should be clear, informative and fresh; photos should be properly exposed and focused, and large enough enough to show off the products to best effect.  But also, descriptions and photos must be legal. This article – part 3 […]

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Selling online and the law – part 2 – regulation of products

03 May 2012
Posted in Commercial Law, Consumer Law, Internet Law

If you are selling online, you need to ensure that the products you are selling are legal.  Some types of product – nuclear warheads, etc  – are clearly illegal; others are potentially legal, subject to compliance special regulations.  Pharmaceuticals, food and toys fall into this category. Then there’s a residual category of products, not given […]

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Employees and social media: possibilities and pitfalls

26 Apr 2012
Posted in Employment Law, Internet Law

Social media is huge.  By the end of 2011, 37.4 million UK adults were using Facebook regularly, 32.1 million were using YouTube, 15.5 million had Twitter accounts, 7.9 million had LinkedIn accounts and 6.7 million had Flickr accounts.  And that’s just the adults. But social media services and traditional businesses have an uneasy relationship.  One […]

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How copyright protects websites

19 Apr 2012
Posted in Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law

There is no copyright in a website as such, but copyright will usually protect some or all of the elements of a website.  Copyright protects specific classes of “work”.  Those classes are enumerated in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.    Section 1(1) provides: Copyright is a property right which subsists in accordance with this […]

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