ContractAlert - 4 October 2011

Welcome to the October 2011 edition of ContractAlert from SEQ Legal.

Legal developments:

Distance selling microsite launched

The OFT has launched a distance selling hub to help businesses comply with distance selling laws, and to educate consumers about their rights. The core of the distance selling rules - the existence of a right for consumers to cancel contracts entered into at a distance - is relatively well-known. However, getting the details right can be tricky.

Copyright protection extension

Copyright protection for sound recordings and performances embodied in sound recordings is being extended across the EU. Previously, sound recordings and performers enjoyed 50 years protection. The period of protection is being extended to 70 years. The new period should be part of UK law before the end of 2013. For details see the amending Directive and the Commission's FAQ.

Email marketing contract terms clarified

In July the High Court issued its judgment in PlayUp Interactive Entertainment v GiveMeFootball, clarifying the legal meaning of the phrases "targeted" and "opt-in". The case - or at least a decent summary - is required reading for those involved in negotiating and drafting internet marketing contracts.

Entertainment licensing rules to be relaxed

The UK government has announced plans to deregulate entertainment licensing in the UK. Under current rules, school productions, street artists and pub guitarists may require a licence. Responses to the government's consultation paper are due by 3 December.

Agency Work Regulations

The new Agency Worker Regulations came into force in the UK on 1 October 2011, giving new legal protections to temporary agency workers.

25% discount on Template Contracts documents:

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Updates to templates:

During August and September we revised many of our internet-related contract templates, including:

  • web design and development templates
  • web advertising and marketing templates
  • affiliate agreements
  • IP licences and assignments
  • domain name agreements
  • NDAs

These changes were general refinements; they were not prompted by a change in the law.  If you bought one of the updated documents in the last 12 months, you are entitled to a copy of the new version. To request an updated document, just send us an email.  You can see a full list of the updates on the Website Contact revision history page.

Affiliate programme:

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