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Can this be classed as a defamatory statement?

My stepson's ex-partner has raised a request to the family court for an injuction against him. I have read in the court papers and noticed that she has stated that I was untruthful in my dealings with the local council relating to my statement that he did not live at my property. This is indeed untrue. When she decided that the relationship was over he was asked to leave the property and went to stay with his friend. My address was given as his residence as his girlfiend wanted to claim council tax relief. I then received a council tax demand for the property they both owned and immediately contacted my local council to notify them that he was not a resident at my property. My permission for my property to be used as a reference address was not given, as at that point my stepson was living wth his frend and I was also concerned that should my stepson have any debt, my address would be used by any debt collectors.

So my concern is that as she has stated this comment on a legal document, can this be classed as a defamatory statement?

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