Can I still be liable to pay school fees when i drop out? Even though the school is not producing a conducive learning environment

I am a student at a school. The school is unaccredited and the people handling my course are not organised so classes can be cancelled at anytime. We don’t receive our schedules on time so we do not know what classes we have until we ask and they still want us to submit work on time or else we will be penalized. I want to withdraw from the course but the terms and conditions on the application form say I am liable for the whole amount. What can i do?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

I’m afraid I’m not able to provide much useful guidance here. A lawyer would want to review the contract in question before commenting.

The law may override the express contractual terms in some circumstances. For example, if this is an English law contract, you might have an argument that you are entitled to terminate the contract because there has been a repudiatory breach by the course provider (see – but a detailed analysis is needed.

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