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Comments made online with my name by another unknown individual

Comments were made on a blog post under my name, without my consent or knowledge. Said comments were slandering to the author and a community, therefore they shed poor light on my integrity and viewpoints. Would this be a case of Libel or Defamation? Can I remove the comments through a lawsuit or would that pertain to the article as a whole?

The blog owner and host have been contacted in a friendly manner with the hopes of getting the comments removed, however nothing has come of it. The host website responded to my inquiry about removing the harrassing comments with the below:

As a webhosting provider, we are not in the position to determine the truth or falsehood of any statements made by our customers on their websites. Certainly, if you've been libeled or defamed you may have some legal recourse. However, this legal recourse would be between yourself and our client exclusively, and would be a matter for civil court to decide upon. We do not take down websites for libelous or defamatory language without an official court order to do so.

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