Dissolved company still trading.

I am self employed and did some book keeping work for a Ltd Company 18 months ago.  They failed to pay my wages and I ended up using the small claims court to try and retrieve my earnings. Although I won the claim, the debt was never recovered because the Company's registered address was merely a mail-forwarding address in London.  

Since then the Company has been dissolved, set-up again - with a nearly identical name - and then dissolved again.  I was never advised about this which, as a creditor, I believe I should have been? The Company's website is still up and running and their social media feeds are live, all suggesting that they are still trading.

So my question is, who do I report this Company to (Gov.Uk are not interested in dissolved companies) and am I ever likely to see my earnings again?  I do not want to go ahead with legal proceedings as am already out of pocket from my Small Claims Court experience!  Any advise would be greatly received.