Do I need to pay an invoice from a company that has been dissolved?

I hired a tradesman who operates through a Limited Company (a “one man band”) – the company is not VAT registered. The work was fixed price but there have since been some additional work which would normally be paid under Time & Materials.

I have paid an interim invoice which was sent before the company was dissolved. The tradesman has still been delivering against the fixed price (plus additions) and sometimes brings additional workers (it is not known if those workers are employees of the tradesman’s company.

Since the company is dissolved, am I obliged to pay any futher invoices? The tradesman did inform me that his company might be dissolved.

The estimate and quote were on company headed paper and the emails from an email account matching the name of the company



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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

I’d need more information to answer this.

For instance: debts can be assigned from one company or person to another, and it may be that the dissolved company assigned the debt to the individual before dissolution.

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