Employing someone for a day

Hi! I run a small graphic design and printing boutique and I want to take someone on for literally one day to help me at a trade show. This person already has a part time job, is a university student and isn't self employed. Do I need to get Employers Liability insurance for the single day and do I also need to set up a PAYE system, and get something tax and NI set up too? 

Mark Minns's answer to Employing someone for a day (1283399788)

Answer to the question: 

The person you describe would almost certainly be a part-time or casual employee, and he / she is likely to have all of the various rights and entitlements associated with that. Specialist advice should be sought, but my expectation is that you would need to have in place both liability insurance and also arrange for PAYE to be applied. I would not expect the cost of doing so to be prohibitive, and these are areas where you need to be very sure of your ground given the issues that could arise.