GDPR update for privacy policies

Per SEQ Legal's Privacy Policy Template, will it be possible for any of the existing terms (i.e. the existence of privacy controls on a site) to be unsuitable for a corporation, therefore eliminated, and not infringe any GDPR requirements?

Would it be possible for there to be a highlight, or some emphasis, on GDPR-caused updates for privacy policies on SEQ Legal? Also, it is recommended for corporations to go as detail as possible to ensure the existence of privacy-protecting statements, or try to comply to the language that the GDPR requires (straightforward and simple to require customer consent)?

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Alasdair Taylor's answer to GDPR update for privacy policies (1164408902)

Answer to the question: 

Yes, as a template document the privacy policy needs to be edited for each use case, and there will always be material that needs to be removed, and other material that needs to be added.

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When drafting a privacy policy under the GDPR, you should seek to balance the amount of information provided with requirement for clarity. In practice, depending upon your audience and the complexity of your data processing, this can be a difficult balance to achieve. One way to approach the problem is to use a multi-layered notice. However, that is usually overkill for small businesses.