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Google review and defamation

I recently left a Google review about a company. The review said "Rude staff, poor service".

The owner of the business is threatening to take proceedings for malicious defamation.

I have also found out that the said company is dissolved and another of his companies are trading at the same address. He has had two companies wound up, two are dormant and seven trading.

I have informed Google that the wrong company is registered although has a similar name.

Does he have a case against me?

Alasdair Taylor's answer to Google review and defamation (1303730013)

Answer to the question: 

On the face of it, the review probably does have a defamatory imputation. However, that's only one element in the construction of a case. For instance, you may have a defence if you can show that the statement is true or constitutes an honest opinion. For an introduction to these defences, see:


To provide a proper answer to this question, a lawyer would need to discuss the case in detail with you and review relevant documentation.