How can I extract myself from this contract?

I signed a contract to look after a handicaped boy for 10 hours per week at 10 pounds per hour.

My employer would not complete the rate of pay per hour or the holiday pay, or penisionable pay and left those things blank. I felt like she wanted to do things on a cash basis.

She started putting money into my account without paying tax.

I declared the money to the DWP and they withdrew the amounts from my universal credit. I had a very bad feeling about the whole thing now. I also became ill; I collapsed in the street. I contacted my doctor. I was taking anti HIV medication and believe the collapse was due to side affects. I still get dizzy spells and spinning.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Assuming you are an employee here, you would need to consult an employment lawyer about this. If that is not feasible, try your local CAB.

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