I am looking for a disclaimer for an online booking system

I am looking to set up a mole mapping facility whereby people would be screened for potential skin cancer/melanoma.

1. The client would do everything on line – Pay a fee on line for their appointment, secure their booking on line, and then as the date will be set, they would then come for a screening of their body.

2. This facility would be run by a non-medical professional (no qualifications so no advice would be given)

3. The machine will do all the work, a report will be produced and the client will then decide what to do with there results.

I need a disclaimer that a client would e’sign before they came for their appointment and I need to make it very clear that no advice or opinion would be given.

Is this something you can advise on please? 

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Sorry, this isn’t the sort of thing I can help with via the Q&A – but you are welcome to contact me through ClaydenLaw (https://www.claydenlaw.co.uk) for a quote.

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