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I’ve built up a large collection of photographic images over the years, and have just agreed to let another business use some of them on its website and in its marketing materials. How should I go about this? (The other business will be paying me a per-image fee.)

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Assuming you want to retain copyright in the images, you should enter into a licence agreement with the other business. 

This can be a fairly straightforward documents, setting out (amongst other things):

  • the images that are covered by the licence;
  • the rights of the licensee to use the images;
  • your rights to remuneration;
  • the circumstances in which the licence may be terminated; and
  • the consequences of termination.

Licences can be sole, exclusive or non-exclusive.

You should check out my recent post on the treatment of copyright licences under the CDPA.

You should also think about moral rights potential privacy/data protection issues.

NB we supply have a template copyright licence agreement.

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