Lettings agent threatening to charge withdrawal fee, and lettings fee, without signing contract

Dear Sir Madam, 

A lettings agent called me on 8th June regarding to find me a tenant, for my property. We had a verbal agreement, so they said they will send me terms to sign in order to instruct them. I said I will not sign any contracts unless I am happy with tenant and contract, as I have same deal with another agent. They said they will continue without contract.

I received a telephone call saying they have found someone, they said these are the terms, they sent an email, and I said I Do not agree to this etc so they said OK they change it, they, say one thing do another.

Finally on 6th July we entered an agreement with terms, as suitable tenant found. So I signed it, I then asked a question about how long tennancy and they said something else again. I then said that I would like to withdraw from this, as I have 14 days to change my mind which I signed on 6th July. They said in actual fact your contract starts on 8th June 2018, I said I, never signed any contract at all, they said you instruct us, you agree to terms of contract, I said I never received any contract and I sent an email to say, I'm not signing any contract on 8th June. I am very confused here I, have not signed or agreed to any thing on 8th June except a phone call. We're they said different things.

What do I do in this situation? Thanks.

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