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I am in the process of devloping my own website to blog. 

However, I am a student and have very little knowldge of privacy policies and how to create them. 

I cannot afford the fees to have a specialist create a privacy policy for me. 

My question is: instead of running the risk of hefty fees by incorrectly writing a privacy policy, am I legally allowed to mention on my website something such as: ‘I am the owner of this website; however, I accept no responsibility for the collection, use and transfer of any personal data, cookies, analytics from this website and any third-party providers’. Would this be legally allowed considering I have no legal knowledge of GDPR and have no access to anyone who could draft/write one for me due to no funds?

Kind Regards, and I look forwaerd to hearing from you. 

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

The quoted statement does nothing to help you to comply with data protection law.

Why not just use a free template, such as this one (from our Docular website)?

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