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Dear Taylor, you previously answered a question for me, many thanks for that!

I have another issue and I appreciate your help on this. Currently I am a member of a company limited by guarantee and there are 3 others members, we are also subscribers. I want to be the sole owner /member so I asked the other members to resign from membership in accordance with the provisions of the model articles. According to Companies House they do not require the resignation to be filed, however if someone downloads the company info it appears that the other members are still part of the company.

I need to know how I can be able to be the sole member of the company as I am planning to sell the company and the buyer wants the company to be owned by just one person before going ahead with the sale. Please note that the other members agree to this as they never wanted to be members but we mistakenly filled in the incorporation documents. Many thanks for your help, Tony.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Company law isn’t my speciality, but I believe the usual way to update the public record regarding the shareholders of a company limited by shares is to file an early annual return. Presumably the same can be done in relation to the members of a company limited by guarantee.

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