Staff at current employer are using my social media as a conduct monitoring mechanism

I have reason to believe that some staff at my current employer have made sustained contacts with people in my social media (LinkedIn and FB), as a way of monitoring/listening-in on my sentiments/feelings re: working at [email protected]#$.

There have been several comments/remarks made to me, that I believe, reflect communications with my friends, contacts and acquantainces in social media.

Some border on making a hostile work environment. 


How do I move this from anecdotal info/data collected over several months?

What actions/rights do I have under-the-law, if I have been defamed, and/or, my privacy, violated?

Thank you.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

You should consult an employment lawyer about this, as there are special considerations affecting the application of privacy rights in the workplace.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the expertise to help with this.

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