Website giving potentially inaccurate data about companies


I'm launching a website that compares estate agents in terms of how many houses they have sold etc.  In a purely data based type of way rather than any views or opinions.

Am I in danger of being sued by disgruntled agents if I get this wrong and paint them in an unfavourable light?

I am obviously taking every possible step to insure accuracy but of course the nature of computer programming is that errors are always a possibilty.

Many thanks.

Alasdair Taylor's answer to Website giving potentially inaccurate data about companies (2097387108)

If it is possible that inaccurate data could cause reputational damage to an estate agent, then it is possible that they could seek redress through the courts - most likely with a claim in defamation.

There is risk, however, in all activities - even putting on your socks.

You should include appropriate disclaimers on the site, making it clear to users that the data may not be 100% accurate, and preferably detailing the ways in which it may not be accurate.

If you do this, and:

  • inaccuracies are likely to be rare or non-material;
  • the loss to any agent caused by an inaccuracy is likely to be minimal; and
  • you act promptly to correct any in accuracies that are notified to you (consider including a special reporting facility),

 then the risk is likely low.