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SEQ Legal: solving your legal problems

SEQ Legal helps businesses to manage legal risks and reduce legal costs, through a range of innovative legal services. Our clients and customers include organisations of all sizes and across many sectors, with a particular focus on technology and media businesses. With our network of boutique law firms, we aim to offer seamless access to a wide range of services and expertise, meeting the needs of your business now and in the future.

It’s important to have all the legal disclaimers in place

I would recommend Docular to anyone looking update their website’s agreements and policies. Our site has grown so much and it’s important to have all the legal disclaimers in place.

Marie Ora

How Do You Say That Word

A life-saver for small businesses

This is a great place where you can find amazing source of legal templates for your website. A life-saver for small businesses.

Angela Ward

The Comfy Buddy

An approachable bunch of people

An ideal advisor for our legal queries. Moreover, they are an approachable bunch of people who are enthusiastic and proficient in giving valuable advice.

Mike Maughan

Locker Shop UK Ltd

Saved a lot of time for us

I have found the legal templates on this website a very helpful resource when putting together our website policies. And it has saved a lot of time for us. We only had to amend a couple of sections that were actually only relevant to our industry. Thank you for these amazing resources! I would recommend your services to anyone running their business online.

Istvan Tusnadi


Circumspect and succinct

I am a retired lawyer and as such a connoisseur of drafting. I have looked at the template for software development and found it to be circumspect and succinct. Adapting it for use by a Hong Kong company it was extremely helpful and well thought out. The only major alteration was to rejig it in relation to relationship between PRC and HK SAR. Thank you.

M. Jennings

M. Jennings

Couldn’t be easier

My go-to choice for up-to-date website legal documents. I?ve used these guys several times, so went straight to them when we launched PriceHQ ? we saved hours and now safe in the knowledge that our site policies are tailored to our specific marketing activities (referral based). The word templates are quick to modify, couldn’t be easier.

Luke Barlow


Professional service

Thanks! A business partner recommended your resources section, I found everything that I needed. Thank you for your professional service.

Mark J.

By Purify

Thank you for these AMAZING resources!

Thank you for these AMAZING resources! We run a site that helps learners get their driving permits. It’s a free resource and recently we’ve had some issues on the legal side. I’ve really appreciated these documents as they helping us plug the holes and reduce our liability.

Jacob Gardner

K53 Tests

Stay on top of legal requirements

I’ve run a blog for around 9 years. It started as a hobby blog, but it has grown quite a bit in recent years and is now one of my main sources of revenue. As a (very) small business owner it is hard to stay on top of legal requirements – making sure that I am covered against claims. Using Docular documents, I have been able to set up my disclaimers and contracts affordably. Thank you!

Kath Read

Cape Town Insider

So glad I found these documents

I came across Docular when I was looking for a robust, legal website disclaimer and terms and conditions. I’m so glad I found these documents – they’ve saved me hours of time and legal fees.

Aaron Ford

Skip and Bin Hire

Turn-around times were impressive

I would recommend Alasdair’s services to anyone running their business online. Alasdair is professional and understood what we were looking for the first time. He offers good value for money and his turn-around times were impressive.

James Blake

My Best Workboots

Most trusted and compliant templates online

Over the years I’ve used the templates from Docular on a number of sites that I’ve been involved with. Pretty sure they are the most trusted and compliant templates online. We’ve recently joined the Trading Standards “Buy with Confidence” scheme and they thoroughly vetted our online T’s and C’s, I’m happy to say that we only had to amend a couple of sections that were actually only relevant to our industry, many thanks guys!

Luke Barlow

Tufferman Ltd
SEQ Legal
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