SEQ Legal is a trading name of Docular Limited, a specialist legal publisher and service provider based in Oxfordshire, supplying services to customers in the UK, throughout Europe and beyond.


We provide a range of services to businesses small and large. Our services include:

  • publishing free and premium template legal documents;
  • distributing legal news, information and analysis;
  • referring potential clients to carefully-selected, specialist law firms; and
  • creating software-based tools to help streamline the provision of, and access to, legal services.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, please get in touch.

Customers and clients

Our clients and customers include law firms, start-ups, SMEs, public authorities and multinationals.  Since SEQ Legal was established in mid-2007, we have provided consultancy services to hundreds of different clients.  In the same period, we have supplied legal templates to well over 10,000 customers, and our free legal website notices appear on in excess of 100,000 websites.

You can find out what some of them think about our services on the testimonials page.

Legal expertise

We have particular expertise in internet and IT law, intellectual property law, publishing law and commercial law generally.  We work with a network of law firms specialising in similar and complementary areas.

SEQ Legal
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