Freelance writer issue: NDA/settlement over an article exposing bad medical practices

I’ve had an article accepted in a leading online magazine about an awful medical experience I had.

It will also bring together facts about the service provider that have already been proved from reliable published sources elsewhere.

My question is, I want to basically tell them if they don’t compensate me for the psychological and emotional trauma they put me through, I will publish this article which names them. How do I do this properly?

They are extremely arrogant and have ganged up on me trying to challenge my version of events while under sedation. They have also discriminated against me on mental health grounds. They think they don’t even have to respond to my emails about what happened and seem unbearably unconcerned. Hence, I’d like to get some justice for myself but don’t want to break any laws by doing so. Any advice or help would be gratefully received!!

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

TBH I don’t think this is the right forum to try to answer this question.  There are a range of potential legal issues here, but a lawyer would need lots more information to even identify those issues that are likely to be relevant.

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