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Hi, I work for the NHS. I have an individual shift pattern that is unique to me, as do the other 17 people I work with … we all have different rotas but do the same job.

In this department there are 5 other people that work in a similar but not the same job and have a totally different shift pattern. One of the 5 has decided that he does not like the fact that I get more days off than him. He has been given by management a copy of all 18 members of staff individual shift patterns and has been able to identify each other persons work patterns, days off and potential overtime earnings etc…

Is this a GDPR breach? 


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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

There is not enough information here to determine whether there has been a breach.

I do suggest however that you start by looking at what the employer’s privacy policy says about this data and this processing, taking into account some of the specific rules in the GDPR, including:

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