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“Spam” refers electronic communications that are unsolicited and sent in bulk, usually for a commercial purpose. Spam is an irritant to regular users and a significant problem for many organisations. Technical measures are the principal way of dealing with spam but they can be usefully supplemented by legal measures. This template anti-spam policy may be used to create a policy suitable for publication on a website or online service.

If you need an anti-spam policy for use in relation to email marketing services, see also these terms and conditions.

This anti-spam policy was updated on 14 June 2023.

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More information about anti-spam policies

The anti-spam policy gives a loose definition of spam, and warns that spam-filtering technologies will be used to screen incoming electronic communications. It also warns that, in some circumstances, legitimate messages may be filtered-out. In other words, those sending emails and other electronic messages to you should not assume that they will be received.

The policy also includes a brief statement on user-created spam. However, it assumes that the terms and conditions governing the use of messaging services (and other services that may be used to generate spam) will be governed by separate terms and conditions.

This policy includes these sections: (1) what is spam?; (2) this anti-spam policy; (3) automated spam filtering; (4) problems with spam filtering; (5) user spam; (6) receipt of unwanted messages from us; (7) changes to this anti-spam policy; and (8) contact us.

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