Copyright assignment

This is an assignment of copyright template. It can be used to transfer the ownership of the copyright in an identified work or set of works from one person or company to another.

To use this template assignment, you will need to be able to precisely identify the copyright works in question, along with any elements thereof that are excluded from the assignment. The works could, for instance, be written works, artistic works or musical works. You will also need to identify the consideration being given for the assignment (for instance, money), decide whether the assignment will be made with any guarantee of title, and decide whether any moral rights in the work or works will be waived or asserted.

*Buy a licence on Website Contracts. You should do so if you would like to use this template assignment of copyright without the attribution text.


Unlike licences of copyright, English law requires that all assignments of copyright be in writing and signed by or on behalf of the assignor. There is a slightly esoteric exception to this: an equitable assignment of copyright can occur without the statutory formalities being observed. However, in most cases an equitable assignment of copyright will not be an adequate substitute for a legal assignment of copyright.

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