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This free copyright notice has been designed for inclusion on a website.

Copyright is the primary intellectual property right protecting websites, and the purpose of a website copyright notice is to communicate information about copyright to users.

This copyright notice includes an assertion of copyright ownership. It also includes provisions concerning the licensing of website copyright, the infringement of website copyright materials and copyright notifications.

Other copyright-related documents you might be interested in are our licence of copyright and assignment of copyright templates.

This copyright notice was updated on 14 June 2023.

*A licence to use this copyright notice without the credit/attribution text.


More information about copyright notices

Copyright is one of the major intellectual property rights. Copyright protects certain classes of work, including literary works (e.g. written text and software), artistic works (e.g. drawings, photographs and graphics) and musical works. Although websites are not protected as websites, some of the constituent elements of a website will almost always attract copyright protection.

A copyright notice is sometimes called a “copyright statement”. This document may be incorporated into more general terms and conditions, or may be used as a stand-alone notice. This copyright statement includes the following sections: (1) ownership of copyright; (2) this copyright notice; (3) copyright licence; (4) data mining; (5) permissions; (6) enforcement of copyright; and (7) infringing material.

For more background information about copyright, see: 10 things you should know about … copyright.

Other types of copyright-related legal document

If you want to license copyright to a specific person or company, rather than to the world at large, you will need some form of copyright licence document.

Title Description Get the document on…
Licence of copyright Permit others to copy or use works protected by copyright with this licence. Get on Website Contracts
Assignment of copyright Transfer copyright from one person to another with this assignment. Get on Website Contracts


Just a disclaimer, the music in this video is copyright free, therefore I can not be struck for copyright!

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