Delivery policy

This is a template delivery policy. Use it to communicate to customers and other website users the methods, processes, periods and costs associated with the delivery of products. The template is equally suitable for use in relation to deliveries to consumers and deliveries to businesses – but it is not suitable for use in relation to large or very high value shipments.

*Please purchase a licence on Website Contracts if you wish to use this delivery policy template without the credit text.

The core provisions of the delivery policy cover the following matters:

  • the circumstances in which free delivery is offered
  • geographical limits on deliveries
  • delivery methods and periods
  • delivery charges
  • tracking
  • collection
  • problems with deliveries

In some cases, a retailer will want the provisions of its delivery policy to be legally enforceable; in other cases, a policy should be purely an information document. This templates allows for both approaches.

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