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This free template can be used to create ebook disclaimers to be incorporated into, or provided with, an ebook.

An ebook may give rise to a range of different types of liability. The purpose of the template is to help you limit, or attempt to limit, some of the liabilities that may arise from an ebook that you have produce, published, distributed or sold.

If you are selling ebooks online, you should also consider our ebook download terms and conditions, which cover the sale and licensing of ebooks.

*A licence to use this disclaimer without the credit/attribution text.

More information about ebook disclaimers

The nature of the risks associated with an ebook will depend in large part upon its subject matter. For example, an ebook providing information about how to perform exercises could result in personal injuries, whereas an ebook about investment could result in financial loss.

There are various ways in which the ebook disclaimer seeks to manage liability:

  • it makes it clear that nothing in the ebook should be treated as advice;
  • it makes reference to particular kinds of advice (e.g. legal, medical, financial, etc) that might be problematic;
  • it specifies that there are no representations in relation to accuracy and efficacy of the information in the ebook; and
  • it limits particular types of loss that may result out of reliance upon the information in the ebook.

This document is exclusively focused on the disclaiming of liability in relation to an ebook. It does not, for example include licensing provisions. For a full template ebook legal notice, see:


Disclaimers such as this may be ruled unenforceable by the courts, who tend to view them with disfavour, and have a variety of tools at their disposal to render them ineffective.  We do not guarantee that this disclaimer will be effective for your particular situation.  If you have any doubts about the use of a disclalimer, you should seek professional advice.


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