IT support terms and conditions

These T&Cs are designed to cover B2B IT support services, including hardware and software support. The template is relatively short and straightforward.

The T&Cs are accompanied by a template statement of work, and the intention is that this will set out the specific details of the support services. Support might include installation services, configuration services, integration services, the application of updates and upgrades, helpdesk provision, issue investigation and/or issue resolution. The support services are to be provided with respect to particular hardware and software, which again is identified in the statement of work, along with charges and fees.

*Purchas the "basic" version of this document on Website Contracts if you would like to use it without credit or attribution. If you need something more sophisticated, see the "standard" and "premium" versions.

Support services by Atlas

It is not uncommon for IT support business to supply third party hardware and/or software to customers. Accordingly, this template includes supply clauses covering both.

A standard data processing clause, which will help you to comply with the UK GDPR and/or EU GDPR, is included.

These IT support T&Cs should not be used for B2C contracts – that is, for contracts under which a business provides IT support services to consumers.

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