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From academic research reports to commercial white papers, and from expert analyses to general guidance documents, written reports come in many flavours. A range of different liabilities may arise out of the production, publication and distribution of reports. For instance, the law of negligent mis-statement may apply to written reports, particularly where the report is addressed to a specific audience. The primary purpose of this report disclaimer is to help manage or reduce the liabilities.

This disclaimer document does not deal with the requirements that may be imposed upon regulated business – for example business regulated under the UK’s financial services legislation.

Disclaimers are not always enforceable, and if you are unsure how the law regulates disclaimers then you should seek legal advice in relation to their use.

As with all our free legal templates, use of this report disclaimer is subject to our our terms and conditions.

*Buy a licence only if you would like to use the report disclaimer without the credit/attribution text.


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