Terms and conditions of sale via website (B2C)

By analogy with traditional bricks-and-mortar B2C shop sales, you might expect that no special legal documents are needed when you are selling online to consumers. If that is your expectation, you are understandably mistaken.

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Terms and conditions

A battery of different rules and regulations apply to online sales. They govern such matters as the contract formation process, the provision of information about contracts to consumers, cooling-off periods and cancellation rights, as well as the use of personal data collected during the order process. Many of the current rules applying in the UK derive from EU law; and accordingly – notwithstanding Brexit – the rules in the UK are similar to those across the EU.

This T&Cs template is designed to help you to comply with many of these rules and regulations – and more generally to manage legal risk – in the context of online sales of physical goods to consumers. The template includes a distance selling clause, setting out the operation of the 14-day cooling off period that applies in relation to most online B2C sales of goods.

You may wish to use this template alongside some of our other legal templates: the website terms and conditions, privacy policy, delivery policy and/or returns policy.

Please note: this template is not suitable for use in relation to services, subscriptions, downloads or digital products. Nor is it suitable for use in relation to B2B sales.

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