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Websites and web development services can be complex from not just a technical perspective, but also a legal perspective. Web development contracts must manage risks arising out of the process of creating the website and must also deal with the tangle of intellectual property rights that can protect the website itself.

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The typical web design project requires a wide range of skills – from UX to software development to copywriting. Web design agreements must take account of the potentially wide range of service providers and service types involved in these projects.

The question of whether the web designer has produced a website that that fulfils the its contractual responsibilities may not be easy to answer, even where the web design contract has been drafted with care

Websites are protected by layers of intellectual property rights and similar rights – usually copyright, but also potentially neighbouring rights, database rights, trade mark rights and trade secrets. A web design agreement must ensure that the elements of a website are categorised in a way that allows the parties to allocate responsibilities for intellectual property rights appropriately, and to license or assign those rights where necessary.

With this website design agreement we have tried to take account of this complexity of process and product, whilst keeping the agreement text itself relatively short and straightforward.

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