Contract law

Contract law is concerned with the creation, variation, interpretation, enforcement and termination of contractual relationships between individuals, businesses and/or other organisations. 

Many academic hours have been spent analysing the nature of contractual relationships.  In summary, the typical contract is a mutually agreed exchange of promises or other valuable consideration.

Few lawyers will advertise their expertise in contract law, because the vast majority of lawyers have some contract law expertise, and many have much.  Contract law expertise is usually a given. Corporate lawyers, company lawyers, commercial lawyers, IT lawyers, IP lawyers, tax lawyers, construction lawyers, insurance lawyers, and so on: all draft, negotiate, interpret and/or litigate contracts on a daily basis.

If you have a contract law related problem – whether it is a drafting problem or a negotiating problem or a dispute –  you will usually want to consult a lawyer with expertise in the particular type of contract concerned.

There are however questions of law that are more-or-less purely of contract law.

  • How are contracts entered into?
  • What are the basic requirements of an enforceable contract?
  • How should a contract be varied?
  • What exclusion clauses are permitted in a contract?
  • How should a contract be terminated?
  • What are the consequences of contract termination?

If you need assistance with this sort of question, or indeed any other legal question relating to a contract, please do get in touch.

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