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Employees and social media: possibilities and pitfalls

26 Apr 2012
Posted in Employment Law, Internet Law

Social media is huge.  By the end of 2011, 37.4 million UK adults were using Facebook regularly, 32.1 million were using YouTube, 15.5 million had Twitter accounts, 7.9 million had LinkedIn accounts and 6.7 million had Flickr accounts.  And that’s just the adults. But social media services and traditional businesses have an uneasy relationship.  One […]

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Don’t let the economy get you down

14 Mar 2012
Posted in Employment Law

In a tough economic climate, disputes between employers and employees become more common.  Redundancy programmes and other forms of employment termination are a major cause of disputes.  According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, many private sector companies were planning on making redundancies in the first quarter of this year.  As the UK […]

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