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Software development agreements: a checklist

16 May 2012
Posted in Contract Law, Information Technology Law

This checklist is designed to help those new to software development agreements ensure that they have considered the principal issues that a typical agreement should cover.  It also provides a little guidance as to the different approaches to some of the issues. I have categorised each issue under one of these headings: the software design […]

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Identifying the parties to a contract

15 May 2012
Posted in Contract Law

The first thing I learnt as a trainee lawyer is that the parties to a contract should be properly and unambiguously identified.  I spent the next few years learning that non-lawyers routinely elide this principle – to the benefit of no-one, except lawyers. Consider the following contractual parties clause. This agreement is made on XXX […]

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How to write a delivery policy

14 May 2012
Posted in Commercial Law, Internet Law

From the perspective of the customer, the delivery policy may be the most important legal document on a website.  It should answer questions that are of keen interest to all customers: by what means will my goods be delivered?  When will they be delivered?  Do I have to sign for delivery?  Will I have to […]

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5 contract negotiation tactics to avoid

11 May 2012
Posted in Contract Law, Other

The success of most contract negotiation processes can be measured by: the quality of the resulting contract, in terms of faithfulness to the parties’ intentions, proportionality, certainty and clarity; the length of the process and the costs incurred during the process; and the resulting attitudes of each party with respect to the contractual documentation and, […]

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New wedding photography contract template

I’ve spent much of today working on a new wedding photographer contract.  This is an adapted version of our existing standard terms and conditions for photographers.  There are quite a few features of wedding photography documents that differentiate them from other kinds of photography contract.  Having been through the adaptation process, I would recommend that […]

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Sellling online and the law – part 3 – product descriptions

Product descriptions and photographs are among the more important aspects of a typical online sales strategy.  Descriptions should be clear, informative and fresh; photos should be properly exposed and focused, and large enough enough to show off the products to best effect.  But also, descriptions and photos must be legal. This article – part 3 […]

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Selling online and the law – part 2 – regulation of products

03 May 2012
Posted in Commercial Law, Consumer Law, Internet Law

If you are selling online, you need to ensure that the products you are selling are legal.  Some types of product – nuclear warheads, etc  – are clearly illegal; others are potentially legal, subject to compliance special regulations.  Pharmaceuticals, food and toys fall into this category. Then there’s a residual category of products, not given […]

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Employees and social media: possibilities and pitfalls

26 Apr 2012
Posted in Employment Law, Internet Law

Social media is huge.  By the end of 2011, 37.4 million UK adults were using Facebook regularly, 32.1 million were using YouTube, 15.5 million had Twitter accounts, 7.9 million had LinkedIn accounts and 6.7 million had Flickr accounts.  And that’s just the adults. But social media services and traditional businesses have an uneasy relationship.  One […]

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